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Unlock a new world of insight into store performance

In the guide, you’ll get access to:

  • A comprehensive overview of legacy and modern people counting technologies, how they work, and the insights they provide for retail business owners
  • How to use door counting technology to its full potential
  • A two-part case study on how one of our clients used retail analytics to uncover critical insights about an underperforming store
  • Insider knowledge on the most valuable retail analytics technologies available today

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Go Beyond the Door

Go beyond door counts to deliver unprecedented retail analytics data

Retail analytics today have evolved far beyond simply counting the number of feet through your doors on an hourly basis. With the technology we have access to today, it’s possible to go beyond the door to uncover real-time analytics around how each individual customer interacts with your store, at all times of the day.

Today’s customers expect the brands they interact with to show an understanding of their wants and needs, not just their wallets. This requires retailers to develop a deep understanding not just of how customers interact with their stores, but of the place their service has in their customers’ lives.

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